Hear exclusive insider news on the upcoming feature film Masked Mutilator.
From pro wrestling, to horror, to MMA action — Masked Mutilator has it all.

Join Executive Producer and Co-Screenwriter Dale Schneck each week as he takes you behind the scenes of this one-of-a-kind movie.

Comedian Kris Fried has had connections to pro wrestling

listen to all the podcasts below for insider scoops on the movie

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Actors and crew use Beer Mussels Bar and Grille in Hellertown, PA for a scene for the horror feature now in post-production.

Below is the brand new "Masked Mutilator" podcast with comedian KRIS FRIED

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Doug Flex Yasinsky, former pro wrestler and one of the stars of "Masked Mutilator" (left), gives the insider scoop on the horror film. Steve Mittman (center), owner of Steve Mittman Social Media, LLC, and Dale Schneck, Executive Producer of the horror feature during a recording session for the Masked Mutilator Podcast.

Filmmaker Faye Murman (center) tells podcast host Dale Schneck (right) about the documentary she is shooting about  The Lord Humungus Tank Dorsey who will also star in "Masked Mutilator."